The Alinha Institute assists sewing workshops and similar facilities interested in regularizing their production, in order to have access to fashion brands and designers willing to offer fair work and employment conditions.

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In addition to line up and regularize workshops, our mission is to maintain fair relationships in the fashion industry – and we would like to get to know you and your business.

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We help sewing workshops become formally registered s to connect them to designers and brands interested in offering fair work conditions in the fashion industry.


Owner of a sewing workshop registers at under “I am a sewing workshop”


Following selection of the sewing workshops that will be advised, we send an Alinha agent along with an occupational safety technician to review and identify any issues at the workshop.


We develop a customized action plan describing and informing the requirements the workshop must meet to be LINED UP


We follow up and assist the sewing workshops (3 to 6 months). After the minimum requirements for formalization and safety (3 stars) are met, the workshop becomes visible on Alinha


Brands, producers and designers register at under “I AM LOOKING FOR A SEWING WORKSHOP”. Once approved, they will have access to lined up workshops and will agree to retain workshops under fair work conditions.


IT’S A MATCH <3 Fashion brands and designers find LINED UP workshops according to their needs and negotiate prices and deadlines directly with the owner of the workshop.

The online platform Alinha has a feedback function: how brands evaluate as contracted offices in quality and term, and how workshops evaluate as brands and stylists in hiring and payment conditions. This ensures that the brands are welcomed on the platform, as well as helping us to understand the challenges that follow in workshops even after alignment


Do you have a fashion brand that seeks to contribute to a fair fashion industry, but still have not been able to find sewing workshops? Let us help!